Threat Assessment

A Threat Assessment is the comprehensive process for determining the credibility, seriousness, and likelihood of an expressed threat to escalate into violent action. Many may believe that a threat assessment is simply the understanding of a singular incident in the context of a specific scenario. CSG believes that an effective threat assessment requires the assessment of the pattern of behaviors with special emphasis paid to the investment of time, money, and energy over space and time. 

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  • Student Safety & School Security
  • Stalking Curtailment
  • Emergency Management
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Threat Assessment

Protective Intelligence 

Vulnerability ReductioN

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Stalking and Harassment Curtailment

At present, all fifty states have some form of stalking and harassment law. These laws define the ‘pattern’ or ‘course of conduct’ involving unwanted, disturbing and threatening behavior toward a person. While no two concerns are ever the same, Spencer Coursen has a proven track record of helping targeted individuals manage their unfavorable circumstance to favorable resolution through appropriate, effective, and legal means.  

Security Services 

"Preparing Today For a  Safer Tomorrow "

"We can no longer afford to live in a world where we simply hope that nothing will happen, and then solely rely on the first responders to save us once something does. Today's safety requires our participation, and working together, I know we can help to ensure the certainty of safety for everyone involved." ~Spencer Coursen

Vulnerability Reduction

This services provides an in-depth analysis of relevant programs, policies and practices in order to identify the inherent vulnerabilities most likely to be exploited by those with nefarious intent. Spencer Coursen is a subject matter expert in this area and has helped numerous organizations, businesses, and private families implement practical safeguards against the most realistic risks. 


A physical security assessment is a comprehensive examination of all access control, alarm, surveillance, and protective safety measures employed at a particular location in order to identify favorable findings, priority concerns, and suggested enhancements. Spencer Coursen has conducted hundreds of security assessments for international facilities, large corporate complexes, high-rise office buildings, small business, schools, universities, and private residences. This assessment process provides valuable awareness and insight to decision makers in terms of a cost/benefit relation for protective, strategic, and continuity engagements where ensuring the certainty of future safety is of critical concern. 

Protective intelligence

Protective Intelligence is the process for collecting and assessing information about persons who have interest, motivation, intention and practical capability to do harm. Protective Intelligence has far reaching applications, not just in helping to prevent targeted violence, but also in helping to prevent industrial espionage, selling of secrets, security breaches, harassment and stalking, disruptive practices to productivity, and unfavorable social media outcome. The ability for an organization to effectively collect protective intelligence information is of critical importance to preventing greater concerns. Today’s business can no longer afford to operate in a world where they simply hope that nothing will happen, and then solely rely on reactionary measures to save them once something does. Today’s business practice requires a preventative approach to problem solving, and the best preventative approach begins with an effective protective intelligence program. 

Protective Detail Audits

A Protective Detail Audit provides an in-depth analysis of the cost, effectiveness, and performance, of a private security team or a corporate executive protection program. Spencer Coursen has developed a thorough and effective methodology that will identify the strengths and weakness of each team member and the unit as a whole. This assessment will also address the practical employment of all equipment, tools, vehicles and intelligence assets in order to determine how wide of a divide exists between their mandated policy and procedure and their everyday practice.

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  • Threat Assessment & Management
  • Physical Security Assessment
  • Policy & Procedure Authorship
  • Workplace Violence Prevention

Student Safety and School Security

There are currently one-hundred thousand families in the United States with school-aged children.  In the aftermath of national tragedy, parents are more concerned than ever about school safety. Spencer Coursen has developed a realistic and practical approach to keeping children safe at school. An overview of Mr. Coursen's initial recommendations can be viewed here: "When Parent's Ask The Right Questions, Schools Get Safer."

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Expert witness testimony

Spencer Coursen is a nationally recognized security consultant providing consultation, security analysis, and expert witness testimony in matters relating to physical security liability, deficient or inadequate security standards, negligent security practices, private security guard training, and overall standards of the security industry.

For the past twelve years, Spencer Coursen has worked in close association with some of the world’s most influential leaders in Business, Charitable Enterprise, Entertainment, Finance, Government, Media, and Sports. This combination of experiential and practical knowledge allows him to tailor-design his expertise to your particular situation – employing the most practical applications to your most realistic concerns. Doing business as Coursen Security Group, Mr. Coursen is proud to offer his professional expertise in the following areas:

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Security expert Spencer Coursen is a nationally recognized security consultant specializing in threat assessment protective intelligence and vulnerability reduction
Security Services

Event Staff Security Solutions

Recruiting, hiring, training, and Implementing event staff is a recurring nightmare of building managers, stadium directors, and event planners. Employing a part-time, semi-regular, or one-off staffing for your event can be a drain on time, money, and resources which can better implemented elsewhere. If you or your organization would like to learn how your organization can do more with less, Spencer Coursen’s event staff solutions may be the single most effective methodology you can employ to reduce risk, prevent violence, and ensure safety.  

Workplace violence prevention

Workplace violence costs American Businesses $36 Billion/year in lost profit and productivity. An effective threat assessment and management program is your most underutilized resource for preventing problems. While someone may not see everything, everything is often seen by someone. Acting as a central processor of reported information, our approach to threat assessment is to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together until the bigger picture takes shape. This allows us to help you manage a problem toward peaceful resolve BEFORE it becomes a problem. The sole function of our approach is to keep you and your staff safe from emerging dangers. Don’t wait until it’s too late to put a preventative plan in place. 

EMployee Terminations

Employee terminations are an unpleasant, but sometimes necessary part of doing business. Regardless of the circumstance surrounding an employee’s dismissal, it is important to conduct the termination in the most professional manner possible.  This means reducing the impact of the firing on the employee while working to ensure the safety and security of the workplace. Over the past several years, Spencer Coursen has helped large corporations, small business, and private families manage their human resource concerns toward safe, effective, and favorable resolution.